Data Mining, SOKENDAI (NII)

Date Title
2019.10.18 Learning and Computing
2019.10.25 Pattern Mining
2019.11.1 Graph Mining
2019.11.8 Supervised Pattern Mining
2019.11.15 Boltzmann Machines
2019.11.29 Bias-variance tradeoff
2019.12.13 Clustering
2019.12.19 Outlier Detection
2019.12.27 Classification
2020.1.10 SVM and Kernel Method
2020.1.17 Feature Selection

Introduction to Big Data Science, SOKENDAI (NII)

Date Title
2019.11.6 Machine Learning for Graph Structured Data

Introduction to Intelligent Systems Science II, SOKENDAI (NII)

Date Title
2019.10.21 Machine Learning and Information Geometry
2019.10.28 Machine Learning and Information Geometry II
2019.12.16 Mechanisms of Machine Learning

Special Lecture at National Institute of Technology, Kurume College

Date Title
2019.12.6 Mechanisms of Machine Learning (in Japanese)

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